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Strategies and Techniques to Win at Slot Machines

Strategies and Techniques to Win at Slot Machines

Given that slot machines, like other games offered by online casinos , are a pastime where winning is purely linked to luck, there are still tricks and tips to win more often, and above all have even more fun while playing.

Ways You Can Win Playing Slot Machines - Slot Machine Strategies

Slot Machine Payback Percentages

How the slot machine works

First of all, we need to shed light on how the machine determines the winners, introducing the concept of RNG, “Random numbers generator”.

What is RNG? It is literally a random number generator, which keeps generating numbers, the same numbers that tell the reel when to stop.

Let us immediately emphasize that this process is totally random, there is absolutely no way to predict which numbers will be determined by the RNG.

Second thing: each stop of the reels is an isolated event, so it is in no way affected by the previous result (or stop).

Third and final point to keep in mind: the random number generator is programmed to bring economic benefits to the casino, it is mathematical, and nothing can be done about it.

Slot strategies that don’t work

The net is full of strategies heralded as “winning techniques” for slots: some are simply ridiculous, others might make sense, but logically analyzed, they too brutally collapse.

Among those that do not make sense, the “zig zag system” stands out, according to which, looking at the reels before starting, if you notice a “v” or an “X” formed by the same symbols, it means that the machine is ready to pay in a short time.

Of course, when you understand that the symbols on the screen are placed in this way only for “demonstration” purposes, this “strategy” inevitably collapses: as already said, each spin is unique.

Another theory is about bankroll management, where you need to determine your winning goals and loss limits on a desk. The goal is to limit the money you can lose when the machine is “cold”, and then stop playing when the machine is “hot”.

You will understand that slot machines will never be “hot” or “cold”, so in the long run the strategy of managing goals and limits is practically irrelevant.

Let’s leave out those theories that when you win or lose 60% of your bankroll, you have to change slots, or the one that holding onto playing more than 5-10 minutes on a slot brings a sure loss.

These are all assumptions that make no sense to exist, so let’s move on to something concrete and real, and see some tricks to make time spent on slots more fun.

Tips for playing Slot Machines

Now that we’ve covered the techniques that can’t work, it’s time to give you some advice based on real facts and dynamics that can positively affect your bankroll.

01. You play mafia for fun , so approach slots with a light approach, expecting to lose, and with the hope of an occasional win (because the slot is set up like this).

02. Take advantage of the VIP program , which almost all casinos now offer: the more you play, the more points you collect. The points can then turn into bonuses or other prizes.

03. Also try video poker , they are very similar to slot machines and often offer higher payout percentages.

04. Remember that progressive jackpot slots, while offering really huge prizes, still have a lower win percentage than non-jackpot slots.

Below you will find the online casinos with the best slot machines : play responsibly and do not overdo it, and you will see that, with a little, you will be able to have more fun.

I just have to wish you good luck!

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